Measure package for the economy

Public and economic life in Switzerland is severely restricted due to the new coronavirus. In order to safeguard jobs and incomes in the Canton of Zurich as far as possible, the Government Council of the Canton of Zurich has resolved upon a measure package to support the Zurich economy. These measures are meant to be applied where the instruments of the Federal Government are not effective.

Measure package at a glance

Loan loss guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises

The Federal Council is calling on the Zurich commercial banks to provide loans to the companies affected by the corona measures. To cover the risks, it has granted a loan loss guarantee of CHF 425 million.

Requirements for the cantonal loan loss guarantee:

  • Loans to companies with a tax domicile in the canton of Zurich
  • Companies with up to 250 employees

Contact your commercial bank if you meet those requirements

This measure complements the fast and uncomplicated handling of applications for short-time work and unemployment benefits as well as social welfare for personal emergencies.

COVID19 Federal bridging allowance

According to the Federal Council, SMEs should have rapid access to credit to bridge liquidity bottlenecks caused by corona. The best way to apply for the loans is to apply for them at your house bank. They are backed by the federal government.

Support for non-profit organizations

The Federal Council wants to help and support non-profit organizations in areas such as culture, social services and education: To this end, it supplements the annual contributions from the lottery fund by making an additional CHF 20 million available to the Cultural Department. A total of CHF 8 million will go to the Building Department, the Department of Education and the Department for Economic Affairs, as well as to the Sports fund for their non-profit organizations. 

Help for the self-employed

Self-employed persons often have a small capital buffer. This is why the Government Council of the Canton of Zurich is making CHF 15 million from the ZKB  nniversary dividend available for fast and unbureaucratic support. The municipalities are familiar with the local circumstances and can ensure that the emergency relief is coordinated with other social security systems.

Adjustments in taxation

Extension of deadline for filing tax return for natural persons

The Department of Finance has extended the statutory deadline for filing the 2019 tax return for natural persons until May 31, 2020.

Adjustment of the provisional tax invoice

  • Companies expecting to incur losses due to the effects of coronavirus
  • Natural persons incurring loss of income

You can request the municipal tax office to adjust the provisional invoice for federal and municipal taxes.

Extension of the payment deadline or payment by installments for final tax invoices

  • Companies and natural persons who are currently unable to pay due final tax invoices owing to the effects of the coronavirus: You can request an extension of the payment deadline or payment by installments. 
  • Regarding direct federal tax, also provisional tax invoices can be deferred. 

Contact the relevant tax office as needed.

  • Municipal tax office: Federal and municipal taxes
  • Cantonal tax office: direct federal tax 

Goodwill regarding invoices

The Government Council of the Canton of Zurich calls on all public bodies to pay incoming invoices faster than within 30 days. The payment deadlines for issued invoices shall be extended to 120 days. This is supposed to alleviate the cost pressure on companies.

Extension of rent in cantonal properties

The canton may grant a rent deferral, but cannot waive the rent. On approval, the rent (or the rent share for the months of April and May 2020 in the case of quarterly payments) can be paid at a later date. Please contact the real estate office if you have any questions.

Interchange with economy

Zurich employer- and employee organizations were invited to a virtual round table. An interchange is taking place on a digital platform to ensure close involvement of those directly affected.