On the basis of the Law on the Organisation of the Government Council and of the Cantonal Administration (OG RR, LS 172.1) and the respective Ordinance (VOG RR; LS 172.11), the Department for Economic Affairs is competent in the following areas: The Department for Economic Affairs is the first appellate jurisdiction for contestable decisions of the organisational units as long as no other authority is declared competent under the legal system. In general, the second appellate jurisdiction within the canton is the Government Council or the Administrative Court.

Competences of the Department for Economic Affairs

Field of competenceCompetent authority 
Political and strategic management of Total Traffic, including management of the Road Fund (excl. real estate)Office of Transport (OT) 
Air traffic, airport, including management of Airport FundOffice of Transport (OT) 
Infrastructure planning of roads, strategic traffic managementOffice of Transport (OT) 
Authorisations by road construction inspection and contribution systemOffice of Transport (OT) 
Public transport, including management of Traffic FundZurich Transport Authority ZVV (public transport) 
Strengthening of the Canton of Zurich as a business location (promotion of the business location)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Work permits for foreignersOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Enforcement of flanking measures regarding the Agreement on Freedom of Movement of persons and the Office of the Tripartite Commission (TPC)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Protection of employees (accident prevention in companies and health protection), work permits (enforcement of Labour Law and accident insurances )Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Matters concerning exterior noise emissions by the industry (Law on the Protection of the Environment)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Matters concerning the consumer credit business as well as private employment agencies and supply of staffOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Public employment agencies, unemployment insurance(enforcement of Act on Unemployment Insurance ), including regional employment centers (REC)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Management of the unemployment insurance scheme of the Canton of ZurichOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Further education and employment schemes for persons not entitled to UIA (Introductory Act to the Act on Unemployment Insurance, UIA)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Office of Self-EmploymentOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL)) 
Housing PromotionOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
National Economic SupplyOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Authority with right to appeal according to the Federal Law on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad (BewG)Office for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Office of MediationOffice for Economy and Labour (OEL) 
Hospitality industry (official control)General Secretariat (GS) 
Shop closing days and opening hours (official control)General Secretariat (GS) 
Appeals against the decisions of the Offices of the Department for Economic Affairs and against decisions of the municipalities under the scope of application of the cantonal legislation on restaurants and innsGeneral Secretariat (GS)